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Function Of Beauty Sampoos + Conditioners Review♡

Hi loves, I recently just discovered this brand Functionofbeauty, they make personalized shampoos + conditioners based on your hair type which seemed interesting and thought myself it’d be fun to try it out. They kindly sent me 2 sets of shampoos + conditioners, a small size of 8 oz and a bigger size of 16oz.

You can personalize your bottle by building your hair profile and telling them about your hair type, structure, moisture, your preferred fragrance, bottle color as well your goals on how you want the shampoo + conditioner to perform on your hair! You can choose 5 goals out of 16 and you get your name written on your bottles! I mean.. That’s pretty awesome!

I chose “volumize” as one of my goals and I kinda regret it >_< don’t get me wrong I love voluminous hair and I want my hair to be more voluminous but since I have natural curly hair it did get my hair a little too voluminous haha! So when I use it I make sure that straighten my hair after that otherwise my hair will end up looking like a lion’s mane (my hair is always straightened anyways) However if you have wavy or curly hair like me and you like big voluminous curls then it shouldn’t be a problem well as for me I prefer volume only when my hair is straightened! At least, It really does what it says!^^

After rinsing the shampoo off I’ve noticed that my hair didn’t feel dry at all and felt actually really soft which I was very surprised by because my hair is dry and damaged because of the bleach and when I use any other shampoo I feel my hair getting dry that it could possibly break if I squeeze too much of the water out but with Functionofbeauty it didn’t so I was really amazed by that! As for the scent, it’s very nice but I find it a little too overpowering however once you get out of the shower the scent starts to drift away but you still have that fresh aroma but not too overpowered which is great! I love it when my hair smells nice so I won’t complain about that!^^


8 oz set ($26) – $13/bottle
16 oz set ($38)- $16/bottle

I’m quite satisfied with this product I find this whole concept of personalizing your own shampoo + conditioner brilliant! Everyone has different hair type and different preferences so this is a great way to to pick something that is more suited to your hair type. You should give it a try and see how you like it for yourself! you can get yours by clicking the link right here and you will receive 5% off your purchase. Free shipping to the US only!

(Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purposes but it still doesn’t affect my option. My opinion was 100% honest!)

Have your tried a personalized shampoo before?^^
Til next time! xx

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  • Reply Mango Beauty Tips

    I never heard about this brand at all before your blog post ! I already love it. ♡

    March 16, 2016 at 8:00 am
    • Reply Glaminaa

      It’s amaze! You should def check them out!:) xx

      March 16, 2016 at 8:16 am

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