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Happy New Year 2016 – My New Year’s Resolutions♡

Hi loves, I just wanted to quickly wish everyone a happy new year 2016, I hope this year will bring you lots of love, hapiness and success. I can’t believe 2015 went by so quickly, I remember it like it was yesterday. I always get filled with joy and excitement whenever a new year starts, don’t you too? Anyways, I decided to make a few resolution and hopefully be able to stick to them, I’ve never set up year resolutions before so this is actually my first time. Today I’m sharing with you a few things I want to change and other things I want to accomplish in 2k16. I feel like putting them out there will motivate me more and that way I can look back at them at end of the year and see how well I did.

Write one blog post a week.

I have a lot of things I want to share and content I want to create so I want to be able to post at least once or twice a week and always keep you guys updated with a new post. If you have ideas or things you want me to talk about feel free to share them with me:)

Learn a new language

Learning new languages is a hobby of mine, I love languages and I wish I could speak all of them.. But it’s not the case (crying emoji)! I speak only 3 languages fluently and if you’re curious to know I invite you to check out my 50 random facts about me post and you will find out;) I’m currently learning Korean and Chinese although I’m not studying regularly I really hope that this year will motivate me and hopefully will become fluent in 2 years or just being able to speak a little bit or just a basic conversation in these two languages would be a huge accomplishment already.


My ultimate goal is to travel the world and discover new places and learn/experience different cultures. I could go on forever about the list of countries that I’d die to visit honestly.

Go to bed early

This is something that I really need to work on because I always stay up way too late and it’s become an habit now. It’s become to the point that I would sleep at 5-6am (yes I know it’s bad) i really need to fix my sleeping cycle. I want to start off by going to bed at 11pm or at least midnight so I can manage to wake up early and that way I’ll have more energy and be able to get things done quickly.

Be more active and start eating healthier

By being more active I want to go outside more and get some fresh air, I spend way too much time at home and don’t go out very often. As much as I love staying home I feel like I need to go out a little more. I also want to start doing yoga because i heard it’s really good to relive stress and actually good for your health as well as taking care of my body and starting a new healthy lifestyle by eating cleaner.

Learn how to cook

Speaking of healthy lifestyle, now I have to be more careful of what I put into my body and this is why I want to learn how to cook. My mom usually cooks for me and she’s an amazing cook hands down, mom you da best so I really want to learn from her. I know pretty basic things but I want to learn more and try out new recipes and make them.

Read books

When it comes to reading, I get bored easily. I don’t know why though I actually do love reading but I guess the reason why I stopped was because I never found a book that I actually liked ao I always end up never finishing the book. I know reading will help me become a better writer as well as improve my grammar (I’m open to any book recommendation, if you have any).

Start a new journal

I’ve always wanted to start a diary but I’ve never actually did it and I don’t know why I haven’t. I think starting a diary would be a great way to look back at memories and go through the things that I’ve achieved in life.

So those were all my new year’s resolutions, what are your? Share them in the comments, i’m curious to know:)

Til next time! xx

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