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How To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive ft. Zaful♡

Hello Loves, welcome back to my blog! I‘m really excited for today‘s blogpost because we‘re talking fashion which is a huge passion of mine! This blogpost is a collaboration with and i want to introduce their website to you! Zaful is an online shop that sells very nice and trendy clothing for such an affordable price. They carry clothes, accessories and even beauty stuff! I highly recommend checking out their website because they have the most trendiest pieces you‘ll ever find for such a great price and they offer free shipping on orders over $30! So for today‘s blog post i will share a few of my tips and tricks on how to make cheap clothes look expensive featuring this website, hope you enjoy!

Here‘s a little bit more about Zaful:

Zaful is your one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Our affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista. The original idea is to share the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing with fashion-forward, free-thinking girls, and we offer the fast fashion worldwide.

Zaful was established with a clear vision: to provide the very latest in compelling designs for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. We offer a select choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and more to deck out your wardrobe with style.

Our exciting brands consist of emerging new designers and our discerning buyers have a keen eye for the best look anywhere so you can always find a style to call your own. Fashion is more than simply style: it also represents our aspirations, which is why our designs are as unique and individual as you.

For those who embrace inspired cutting edge fashion that’s ahead of the trend curve, welcome to destination chic.

1. Materials/Fabrics

Adding a Luxurious fabric to your outfit will make it look like a million bucks. Right now I’m noticing, that velvet and satin materials are very in and they look very luxurious on. I see a lot of cute pictures of satin and velvety outfits on Instagram and they are to die for. Fabrics such as Faux furs are also a great way to style your outfit and make it look like a million bucks

Example tip:
Wearing a plain white top and topping it off with a lace/velvet/satin strap top or dress makes your outfit look so much more stylish, and I am also noticing this style as a trend especially in South Korea which I think this is where it originally came from.

Example outfits:


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2. Luxurious accessories

Accessories are key! Pairing up your outfit with a luxurious piece will make your outfit look expensive. Having a nice bag & a good pair of shoes and a watch can totally change the look of your outfit and you can go from $30 to $100 really quick if you follow these steps.

For luxurious accessories, always look for designer dupes, you can find amazing bags/shoes dupes for cheap that look expensive.

Here are some examples:




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Check out Zaful‘s website RIGHT HERE and their social medias down below! 🙂
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