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Japan FunBox Unboxing – Review♡

Hello loves, I’m back and excited with another blog post today I’m going to be reviewing a Japanese snack subscription box that was sent to me from Japan Funbox. Japan Funbox is a subscription box service that carries Japanese candies & snacks and ships them right to your doorsteps directly from Japan.

Japan funbox
They have different box plans to choose from:

5-7 Items
Free shipping worldwide
Cancel online anytime

– ORIGINAL BOX (Most popular)
15-20 Items
Free shipping worldwide
Cancel online anytime
1 DIY Kit Guaranteed
1 Special Items (Japanese Toy, Gachapon toy, Special DIY, Drink, Adult Candy etc …)

25-30 Items
Free shipping worldwide
Cancel online anytime
2 DIY Kit Guaranteed
2 Special Items (Japanese Toy, Gachapon toy, Special DIY, Drink, Adult Candy etc …)

FullSizeRender (3)
(From left to right)

– Potato Happy Butter

Description: sold for a limited time in Japan, stores kept going out of stock. You can enjoy a combination of 4 (4awase read as shiawase), or a happy feeling with four ingredients: butter, honey, parsley & mascarpone cheese. A sweet and salty deliciousness with these 4 flavours as a base.

These were so tasty, they were very sweet and salty. Never tried this kind before, they have such a unique taste! Really enjoyed trying these.


Description: the molt puff, which is used for CRUNKY , is made from wheat flour and starch. Also the puff is made by a special manufacturing method. The crispy texture was born from small air bubbles in the puff.

This is a very thin regular chocolate bar, very crispy and creamy! Tastes delicious, i like it.

– Umaibō

Description: (from left to right)
Curry flavour
Cheese flavour
Octopus dumplings flavour

I tried the cheese flavour only it tastes exactly like Cheetos but with a sweet hint to it, very tasty!

FullSizeRender (5)

– Strange Gum 2

Description: when you eat the lemon, strawberry and green apple flavours together, it mysteriously changes into a grape flavour, you can enjoy various flavours depending on the combination you pick. Why not try different combinations?

Tried to combine all the flavours together and it does turn into a grape flavour which was fun and interesting^^.

– Whistle candy: grape flavour

Description: this is a very popular and regular snack in Japan. Because this candy can make sounds like a whistle when you put it in your mouth and blow, it makes kids happy but their parents angry. A cute secret toy box comes with this.

These candies were so fun to try, it took me a while to actually realize that they can make a whistle sound so that was really fun to try out. They were very good too!

– Pokemon 3D Candy

Description: the candy in which POKEMONs pop out! The upper part of the package becomes 3D sunglasses and use it to look into individual wrapping… You can see the POKEMONs jumping out.

These are lemon flavoured candies filled with a fizzy liquid inside. They are also made with real lemon juice. very yummy!

Verdict: I absolutely love snack boxes, and this one was very fun to try. i like discovering new snacks, the selection of treats was excellent. My favourite snack of this box would have to be the Potato Happy Butter chips they were so good that i didn’t want to share them with my sister. The snack description doesn’t come with an ingredient list it only lists the main ingredients but with the help of google translate I managed to get all the ingredients translated so that wasn’t a big of a deal! So yeah, i would definitely recommend checking out this Japanese Candy & Snack Box – Japan Funbox.

What do you think of Japan Funbox ? Have you tried any of these snacks before?

Thanks for reading, Til Next Time! xx

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