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Mini K-Beauty Haul + Review ft. ÉTÉSTORE♡

Hi loves, today im back with a Korean beauty haul YAY!! I have been quite MIA lately and I miss blogging so much. Ever since I started my YouTube channel I feel like I disregarded my blog and pushed it to the side and forgot how much I enjoyed blogging about things I love so from today I’m hoping to get back on track and start sharing again my passion with you all.

So today’s haul is from ÉTÉ, it is an online website that sells Asian beauty products/accessories.

The products came in a blue box and everything was beautifully and securely wrapped in black paper and bubble wrap. The shipping was surprisingly really fast, it took maybe less than a week to arrive.

ETUDE HOUSE – Fantastic Color Eyes #In the cafe:
in the cafe palette
in the cafe palette 2

This is a coffee palette and there’s a cup of coffee and coffee beans all over the packaging, so cute. The eyeshadows are a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. This is a neutral brown eyeshadow palette that would be perfectly suited for everyday wear. The pigmentation is incredible on these eyeshadows, I have them a fair swatch and they swatched beautifully and blended super nicely. Some of the matte shades were a little bit chalky when swatched on my arms but when applied to the eyes they work really great.

#In the cafe palette swatches:
in the cafe swatches.

Get the ETUDE HOUSE – Fantastic Color Eyes #In the cafe, right here.

ETUDE HOUSE – Play Color Eyes #Juice bar:
juice bar palette
juice bar palette 2

This is my favourite palette of the two, it is such a beautiful palette, perfect for the summer time. It has a bunch of peaches, pinks and oranges even dark browns so you really can get a nice everyday look with it also. I am obsessed with peachy, orange shades so this is definitely a favourite! The colours swatched amazingly, very pigmented, very similar to the #in the cafe palette.

#Juice bar palette swatches:
juice bar palette swatches

Get the ETUDE HOUSE – Play Color Eyes #Juice bar, right here.

ETUDE HOUSE – Pink Skull Eyeshadow #Lovely Skull:
pink skull 1
pink skull 2

This next eyeshadow palette is also from Etude house, it was from their Halloween collection, that explains the name and design “Lovely Skull”. The packaging is so beautiful, purple with a nice reflective effect (which I’m dying over). The eyeshadow palette is very tiny, so cute.

The performance of these eyeshadow was okay, some of the eyeshadows are not very pigmented so you really have to pack the colours on to get to the actual colour, but that doesn’t apply to every shade. The shimmery shades are very pigmented however there were a few matte shades that were kinda dry so they didn’t perform really well, but overall I still really like this eyeshadow palette, the colour selection is nice.

#lovely Skull palette Swatches:
lovely skull swatches

Get the ETUDE HOUSE – Pink Skull Eyeshadow #Lovely Skull, right here.

CANMAKE – Glow Fleur Highlighter #01:
canmake highlighter
canmake highlighter 2

This highlighter is from a Japanese brand and I’ve always wanted to try some of their products especially this highlighter in particular. The packaging is so pretty, I think this is the prettiest highlighter I’ve ever seen in my life seriously.

The highlighter is very powdery, when I first swatched it on my arm I was like, but where’s the glow? But once I tried it on my face I started seeing a bit of shine. This is not a strong highlighter for those of you who like a blinding highlight, it’s a very subtle and sheer highlight but it’s definitely buildable so it’s perfect for people who just want a little bit of shine but nothing that’s too blinding where it’s like BOOM in you’re face, you know what I mean?

#01 Glow Fleur Highlighter Swatch:
highlighter swatch

Get the CANMAKE – Glow Fleur Highlighter, right here.

3CE STYLENANDA – Glossing Waterfull Foundation #Milk Ivory:
stylenanda foudation
3ce stylenanda foundation

Last but not least, is this foundation from 3CE Stylenanda. I really wanna give this foundation more tries before reviewing it because I wanna wear it in different ways to see how it wears differently so I can give you guys a more throughout review on it, so I’m gonna hold off on this one and i will review it in a monthly beauty review on my YouTube channel. But I’ll share my first impression with you guys.

This is a foundation that claims to provide a nice dewy finish to your skin which is true, it’s definitely Dewy but not overly dewy where you look like you’re sweating kinda dewy, it a nice kind of dewy. The product feels very light, so that’s a plus because I hate heavy products. The coverage is very minimal, it’s very light, you can build it up to a slight medium coverage but nothing too crazy so if you already have good skin this would be a perfect foundation for you if you like dewy finishes as well.

Get the 3CE STYLENANDA – Glossing Waterfull Foundation #Milk Ivory, right here.

So that’s everything for my ÉTÉSTORE haul, I’m really happy with everything I picked up. If you’re interested to purchase from their website you can click right here. They have free US shipping if you order more than a $69 US dollars, for Canadians you have to order more than $169 US dollars and for others it has to be over $199 US dollars, otherwise there will be a $20 flat shipping fee for all.

Thank you all for reading, til’ next time! X

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