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MogMog’s WowBox – Fun & Tasty Review♡

Hello loves, it is a very exciting day today because I received my December box from MogMog’s WowBox and this month’s box features all the fun & Tasty snacks. I reviewed my very first Mogmog WowBox (kawaii & Beauty version) in November and fell in love immediately. If you are not very familiar with WowBox, it is a japanese snack subscription box that offer up to 3 different themes options that you can choose from.

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1. Aerial (Pizza): haven’t tried these since it contained pork.

2. Saku-Rhythm Choco: These are pretzel shaped chocolate crackers and they taste exactly like the Cocoa Puffs Cereals no kidding! Don’t ask me if I put them in my milk and ate them as cereals because I will tell you, yup.. that’s what I did lol.

3. Corn Portage: These little ones are corn flavoured crackers. Taste like corn obviously^^ and very sweet actually.

4. Crisp Choco (Hot Cake Maple): This one here is a crispy maple cake, it’s very crispy and taste just like maple. It’s very sweet but very tasty.

5. Tanoshi Ramenya-San: This is candy ramen a DIY kit. As much as I love ramen, I didn’t try or make it simply because it contained squid and I’m not a big fan of squid (Squid terrifies me).

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6. Texas Corn (Fried Chicken): I haven’t tried these since it contained pork.

7. Donut Buscuit: I haven’t tried these since it contained meat.

8. Fit’s Link (No Limit Mint): This gum is your best friend if you’re going on dates, I’m not even kidding guys the smell is so strong, you can literally just smell it and it’s almost toxic (not really lol) but still. It tastes really good and minty and leaves your mouth fresh! If you’re going on a date and you’re afraid that you might have bad breath, Do not worry hun, this gum got you;)

9. Pokemon Chewing Candy (pineapple): When i tried these i was sure they were gum because of the packaging so i excitedly opened packet and then tasted it. I chewed it for a while and then the texture started to change then i realized it was just a chewey candy. That is why i have trust issue people LOL but still, i can’t complain they were so yummy^^

10. Pucchibi (Soda): These are very tiny soda flavoured candies.

11. Yawaraka Yawaraka Soft Candy (Cola): I didn’t try these because the ingredients were unavailable.

12. Candemina Shuriken Panic (Peach, Apple, Orange Cider): These are Shuriken shaped sour candies, very hard to chew on though but they were yummy.

13. Bikkuri Man Chocolate 8: Here we have a Chocolate wafer cookie.

14. Niginigi O-Sushiya San Gummy: these little gummy candies tasted like gummy bears. These ones were very sticky and apparently it was a DIY kit and I had to stick the gummy pieces together and eat them. Without knowing, I ate them all separately. No wonder why they were so sticky^^

15. Kajiriccho Soft Candy (Hip Hip Berry): This is chewy candy rope, it’s soft with a berry taste.

16. Pokemon Grape Sparkling Soda: I have a funny story regarding this item, I was going to try this soda without knowing it was actual soda thinking it was just a grape juice. So I started shaking the bottle massively like a psycho i am before opening it and it started to get fizzy and foamy. I literally didn’t know what was hapenning i almost had a heart attack, I thought it was just a grape juice, but i guess it wasn’t. Anyways I handeled the situation pretty well though, I immediately closed the bottle cap so it didn’t spill all over me, (Thankfully) ^^

Taste wise: It Tastes like grape juice but gasified, pretty self explanatory aha. I liked the taste, i don’t like grape juice that much actualy but i guess the fact that it’s gasified made it more tasty.

17. Giant Caplico (Usa Pyon Vanilla): I did not try this one because the ingredients were unavailable.

18. Umai Dama (Chocolate): This one contains pork in it which I was really surprised Because I thought these were just normal chocolate balls. These are little balls with chocolate filling inside, I haven’t read the ingredients and had a tiny bite by accident. The taste is very soft and tastes just like any chocolate ball.

Overall: I feel like this month’s WowBox had so many items in it and unfortunately there were a few snacks that I couldn’t try but overall they were very interesting. My favourite box is definitely the Kawaii & Beauty version. I feel like the snacks on this box were too extreme for me aha but it was fun trying them out. It’s fun to try something different than what you would normally eat on a daily basis so I really enjoyed it thank you WowBox!^^

If any of you likes Japanese snacks then I would highly recommend you to try out Wowbox’s monthly subscription plan for a monthly dose of the best Japanese treats! You can use this code: S-Q22HM1PM for 10% off your first Box^^

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( Disclosure: This Box was sent to me for review purposes, all thoughts expressed are my own.)

Thank you all for reading ! xx


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