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Munchpak Snacks Review♡

Hello loves, today I’m going to be reviewing another snack box and this is from MunchPak. MunchPak is an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like. Boxes can also be customized based on your preference.

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MunchPak Mini:
5+ full size snacks

Original MunchPak:
10+ full size snacks

20+ full size snacks

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From left to right:

1. Koloko Pea Crackers Original Flavor

This snack has a very intense garlic flavour, but i still managed to finish the whole thing, i guess i was really hungry lol.

2. Taiwan Master Bear Corn Cracker Blueberry Flavor

This one was very original, never tasted anything like this before! These crackers literally taste like blueberry donuts.

Image 2

From left to right:

1. Glico Pretz Pizza Flavor

This snack was definitely one of my favourite!! It tastes exactly like pizza and if you know me you’d know how much I love pizza. I really enjoyed this one!^^

2. Glico Pejoy Cookies and Cream Flavor

At first I didn’t like these because I dislike vanilla cream flavours but the after tastes wasn’t so bad it didn’t have that strong creamy taste.

image 3

From top to Bottom:

1. Torku Enjoy Cake Orange

This orange cake was so good! It has a spongy texture and was very crumbly, but it was a delicious snack.

2. Torku Favorimo Chocolate Cream Biscuit

This one tasted just like any regular chocolate biscuits, I love biscuits so i really enjoyed these.^^

image 4

From left to right:

1. Bebeto Wacky Sticks Lemon Flavor

I have tried this kind of snack before, i found them a little too sweet for my taste.

2. Uha Shigekix Soda

These were HELLA sour that it’s almost impossible to eat.. well at least for me aha! I didn’t like them at first because of how bad the sourness was but I still kept eating them because the after taste was really yummy aha!

3. Bebeto Peach Rings

I love peach rings, and these are basically the same thing except they weren’t sour.

4. Paskesz Ooh Chews Impulse

These remind me of some candies if tried before but i can’t remember what they’re called. They are very chewy and fruity.

Overall: My favourite snack out of all of them was definitely the Glico Pretz Pizza Flavor that stuff was sooo good. I also really enjoyed the Koloko Pea Crackers Original Flavor despite it‘s intense garlic flavour. If you want to get a taste of the snacks that MunchPack carries i believe you can order them separately on their website if i‘m not mistaken. They don‘t ship worldwide but they do ship to certain countries. If they don‘t ship to your country you can always contact them to see if they can make an exception, you can check their FAQ right here!^^

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Thank you for reading, Til‘ next time! x

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