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New Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX – Review♡

Hello loves, today I’m back with another exciting snack review! WOWBOX launched a new sunbsciption box with a brand new box design including new & limited treats from Japan. WOWBOX is a Snack subscription box that carries the best assortment of Japanese snacks and delivers them right to your doorsteps monthly.

This is the new Kawaii & Beauty WOWBOX design, i love that it has a ghost printed on it, maybe because Halloween is approaching?^^ The WOWBOX has total of 6 different theme boxes that you can choose from. The WOWBOX that was sent to me is in the Kawaii & Beauty theme.

WowBox Themes:
wowbox theme1
wowbox theme2

wowbox peek
Here’s a little peek through this month’s Kawaii & beauty WOWBOX.

(From left to right)

1. Wa Fusen Candy:

Don’t let the beautiful beach-ball-like patterns on these candies trick you, you’ll want to enjoy every last bit of these ramune-flavored sweets, in three fruity varieties.

These candies are my favourite, they are filled with a fuzzy liquid inside. They were really fun and tasty!

2. Ichigo Marshmallow:

Enjoy a sweet and squishy treat with these special marshmallows, featuring a tart strawberry center!

These are strawberry marshmallows filled with strawberry jelly inside. This was one of my favourite snack in this box, they were so tasty!

3. Dodotto Tsubupyon (Grape):

Make your own weird jelly treats, which have a lovely grape flavor with an octopus dropper. Watch this video for instruction :

4. Milky Cream Cookie:

Hello Kitty teams up with one of the most famous snack makers in Japan, but the real MVP of this joint venture are the tasty milk-cream cookies inside the box.

I think I’ve tried this brand before in a previous Japanese snack box. These cookies were really good but way too sweet for my taste!


5. Waka Gokoro Pop (Kuromistu Kinako & Uma Shio):

Sweet and salty get a Japanese twist in this popcorn snack, featuring a mix of brown sugar and salt tastes in one bag.

6. Salad Usuyaki:

These crispy senbei (rice cracker) delivers a slaty flavor which you can’t resist eating.

These rice crackers had a fishy smell which I was so not pleased about but despite that I still ate them. I finished the whole packet without knowing!😂 Just like the description says, they are indeed irresistible!

7. Cream Genmai Bran (Maple Nuts & Granola):

This crunchy snack bar not only offers up a well balanced snack, it boasts the fall-appropriate flavors of maple cream and nuts.


8. Pure Gummy Innner Support Mix Berry Yogurt:

Enjoy the rich taste of berries alongside a rush of collagen, as these fruity gummy snacks boast 4500 milligrams of the stuff!

I find that these didn’t taste fruity at all, they are basically sweet & sour candies. They were very yummy!

9. Yasai Seikatsu (Hokkaido Berry Mix):

Straight out of the northern island of Hokkaido, this berry-flavored drink packs in all the nutritional benefits of vegetables into one juice box.

10. Friend Ramune Disney:

The classic Japanese soda-flavored candy gets a magical makeover, as these ramune candies come in packages featuring the faces of famous Disney characters!

These are coke flavoured candies and I usually don’t drink coke but if it’s candy I’m all for it! They taste exactly like coke but better because it’s candy😊

11. Maho Tsukai Precure Gum:

The many magical girls of the anime Pretty Cure now grace the covers of this gum! Look for your favorite!

wowbox limited snacks

Overall: I noticed that in this WOWBOX there was a lot of sweet treats rather than salty ones. My favourite snack was the Wa Fusen Candy, they were so good! The snacks in this box were really well chosen and i also like the fact that they always include a drink and a DIY kit. The prices are a little bit on the higher side but I have to say that it’s fairly reasonable since you get to try limited japanese snacks that are sent directly from Japan that you won’t find in your country. You can get your own WOWBOX by clicking right here starting at $24.99! WOWBOX provided me with a $10 off discount code for you guys, you can use the code “S-6CMA125V” (expires November 30). Enjoy your WOWBOX!^^

Thank you for reading, Til’ next time! x

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