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Top 10 K-Beauty Products Ft. Yesstyle – Review♡

Hello loves, welcome back to my blog hope you are all well! For today’s blog post i‘m going to be sharing the top 10 K-Beauty products from On the video I did a first impression/mini review on a few products but on this blog post I will go a little bit more in depth on each and every single product, so keep on reading for the review!^^

Here‘s a little peek through Yesstyle‘s beauty box.^^

1. Etude House – Precious Mineral BB Cream (Natural Beige):
precious mineral bb cream
etude house
This is the Etude house precious mineral bb cream, I got mine in the shade natural beige. When I first swatched it i noticed that It didn‘t fit my skin tone as it was a little bit too Orange, however the coverage is pretty good I must say! It has a powder/matte finish which would be suitable for people who have oily skin but because I have extremely dry skin I find that it does accentuate the dry patches on my skin and it’ll end up looking a bit cakey so I would recommend this bb cream to anyone with oily skin and I believe this one also comes in a bb cushion form.

Here are some swatches:
bb cream swatches

The Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream is available on for CA$ 16.05, you can get it here.

2. MACQUEEN – Creamy Lip Tint (#01 Light Pink):
macqueen 1

Next up is this, MacQueen lip & cheek tint in #01 light pink. I’ve never heard of this brand before but this is a tint that can be worn on both cheeks and lips. The shade is a gorgeous mauve pink colour and it applies really nice and smoothly on the lips. It’s very creamy and leaves a glossy finish but when you smudge it out with your finger it’s a little less glossy and more velvety. The texture is not like the regular lip tint where it’s watery but this one is rather thicker. I absolutely love the colour and would look perfect for this fall season.

Here are some swatches:
macqueen lip tint

The MACQUEEN – Creamy Lip Tint is available on for CA$ 8.46, you can get it here.

3. Berrisom – Oops My Lip Tint Pack (Sexy Red) :
berrisom sexy red
berrisom peel off

Sticking to lip products again, this is Berrisom’s my lip tint pack in the colour sexy red! This is a peel off lip tint that is supposed to leave a stain on your lips that should last for a really long time! As you can tell from the video this one was quite messy, it left a strong stain on my hand in less than a few seconds!😅 In Korea there’s this popular trend going around for years, which is the gradient lip look. This tint is perfect if you want to create that kind lip look, if you’re going for a full lip look using this product i would reccomend you using a brush to get a precise outline because I find it a little bit hard to perfectly line your lips with this type of applicator, however i think it‘s an interesting product and can be great to use if you want to add a more natural colour to your lips.

Here are some swatches (Before & After):
my lip tint pack sexy red
berrisom after

The Berrisom – Oops My Lip Tint Pack is available on for CA$ 10.36, you can get it here.

4. Berrisom – Oops Tint Cheek Cushion (Cream Peach):
Berrisom oops tint & cheek
berrisom tint and cheek

This is a tint cheek cushion from Berrisom in Cream peach, the shade is a very nice peachy coral colour. I love anything peachy so I was really excited to receive a peach blush because I’m more into peachy/coral colours rather than pinks because It just adds that nice warmth to your skin and that’s what i look for the most in a blush!

Here are some swatches:
berrisom oops
Berrisom oops 2

Berrisom – Oops Tint Cheek Cushion is available on for CA$ 14.16, you can get it here.

5. Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask:
laneige lip sleeping mask
laneige lip sleeping mask 2

This is a lip sleeping mask from Laneige, when I first heard about Laneige I thought it was a French brand because of its name but when I got into k-beauty I found out that it actually was a Korean brand. This lip sleeping mask smells like strawberries and I immediately fell in love with it! I have really dry lips so I like to use this mainly at night, depending on how dry my lips are, i like to use it in the morning too sometimes. It feels really nice and moisturizing, especially now since the weather is getting colder, this is a must have!

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask is available on for CA$ 21.16, you can get it here.

6. BEAUTY PEOPLE – 10 Seconds Auto Pencil Eyeliner (Diamond Beige):
beauty people
beauty people eye pencil
Beauty people pencil sharpener

This next product is an eye liner pencil from Beauty People, a brand which I’ve never heard of. The shade that I got is Diamond Beige and it has gold shimmers in it. Recently I’ve been obsessing over shimmery eyeshadows/eyeliners just basically anything shimmery and right when I first swatched this eyeliner I was already in love with it as you can tell from the video, and the shade that i got is in diamond beige. What I love about it is that, at the bottom of the pencil it has it’s own sharpener so you just twist the bottom of the pencil and it sharpens on its own. Overall, I think the colour is gorgeous and it would look beautiful on the inner corner of the eyes.

Here are some swatches:
beauty people swatch

The BEAUTY PEOPLE – 10 Seconds Auto Pencil Eyeliner is available on for CA$ 9.90, you can get it here.

7. Etude House – Color My Brows (#01 Rich Brown):
etude house color my brow
etude house brow

This next product is an eyebrow gel from Etude house in the colour #01 rich brown. I’ve tried this eyebrow gel before in a different shade and it was the lightest shade and it was just too light for eyebrows so I’m really glad I got the darkest one because it matches really well my eyebrow colour. It holds the eyebrow hairs really nicely and adds a little bit more colour to them, I’m really loving this product so far.

Here are some swatches:
brow swatch

The Etude House – Color My Brows is available on for CA$ 12.90, you can get it here.

8. Etude House – Collagen Eye Patch:
eye patch etude house

Next up is this eye patch from Etude house, which is meant to reduce the appearance of dark circles which i have to say is not quite the case but it’s really great for de puffing the eyes, so if you’re feeling a bit tired or your eyes feel a little bit sore then Just pop of of these under your eyes and it will do the work and get rid of any soreness you may have.

The Etude House – Collagen Eye Patch is available on for CA$ 4.66, you can get it here.

9. TOSOWOONG – Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack:
blackhead removal

These are blackhead pore strips from Tosowoong, again another brand i‘ve never heard of. I wasn’t expecting much from these honestly but Surprisingly they worked really well and did an incredible job at cleaning my pores. I have to say that they are totally worth a try + they are really cheap and you get 8 sheets in this pack.

The TOSOWOONG – Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack is available on for CA$ 5.90, you can get it here.

10. Tony Moly – I’m Real Mask Sheet (Lemon Brightening):
Tony moly lemon Sheet mask

The last product in this box is the sheet mask from tony moly in brightening, I am a sucker for sheet masks they’re a great and fun way to refresh your skin and add that moisture that your skin needs and they are just more fun! This one is in brightening and I love how my skin feels radiant and more bright while using this mask. This mask also comes in different kinds as well.

The Tony Moly – I’m Real Mask Sheet is available on for CA$ 4.66, you can get it here.

top 10 kbeauty
Top 10 most try K-Beauty, all available here.

So that concludes everything in the Yesstyle’s beauty box, I hope you guys found the reviews helpful! Overall, i really loved all of the products and I can understand why they are classified as the top 10 k-beauty products. You can find all these products on the Yesstyle website, and don’t forget to check out their website, they carry a lot of Korean brands if you’re interested in K-beauty but that’s not it! They also carry Japanese makeup as well, and a lot of cute Asian fashion, clothing, accessories etc.. too!^^

Thank you for reading, Til’ next time! x

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