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MogMog’s WowBox – Kawaii & Beauty Review♡

YAY, i’ve been wanting to try Japanese treats for such a long time and now it is finally the time. Today i am back with another subscription box review about WowBox If you’re not familiar with them, they are a monthly subscription box delivering the best Japanese snacks and sweets each month right at your doorstep, they are offering their subscribers multiple boxes of treats including sizes to choose from.

WowBox Themes:

1. The CLassic:
This set is all about the classics. Every item included in this WOW BOX is an essential okashi in Japan, having been top-sellers for decades and cornerstones of the country’s snack culture.

2. Original Fun & Tasty:
All the fun, tasty, and weird treats Japan is known for, including the popular DIY snacks you’ve seen online. Plus, your favorite anime related snacks and toys!

3. Kawaii & Beauty:
They are offering tasty low calorie treats and beauty enhancing snacks and candies with Kawaii characters. Plus, they also throw in the occasional cosmetic product!

Size & Cost:

Small: $14.99

– 6 – 10 items included
– No DIY Candy Kit
– No Special Items
– Free Shipping To Over 70+ Countries
– Switch Theme/Cancel Anytime

Medium: $24.99

– 8 – 12 items included
– 1 DIY Candy Kit Guaranteed
– Occasional Special Bonus
– Free Shipping To Over 70+ Countries
– Switch Theme/Cancel Anytime

Large: $34.99

– 11 – 15 items included
– 1 DIY Candy Kit Guaranteed
– 1 Special Item Guranteed [ ? ]
– Free Shipping To Over 70+ Countries
– Switch Theme/Cancel Anytime

What’s inside:

As you can see, my cat seem very excited to try out the Pucho Gummy Hoppe-Chan haha.

1. Pucho Gummy Hoppe-Chan:

Snack Peek:

These little gummies are too cute and so delicious, no wonder my cat likes them.

(my cat did not actually eat them)

2. Fuwarinka Gum:


Snack Peek:

image6 (1)

This Gum smells like roses and guess what.. It tastes like roses too.. What?! How awesome is that! Literally the best gum I’ve ever had in my entire life, no kidding.

3. Vegitaberu:

image3 (1)

Snack Peek:

FullSizeRender (45)

Omg these were so good! It was absolutely my favourite snack out of all the snacks i got. They are heart shaped veggie chips and taste amazing. I got 4 packs of these and ate them all they’re so irresistible.

4. Ippon Manzoku Bar Cereal:


Snack Peek:

image5 (1)

This chocolate bar is very tasty and crunchy as well, it has a very familiar taste.

5. Milky:


Snack Peek:

image3 (2)

These candies are chewy with a juicy milky aftertaste.

6. Kiki And Lala Strawberry Crunch:


Snack Peek:

FullSizeRender (48)

This one is a strawberry snack, tastes like Rice Krispies but with a hint of strawberry yogurt, It is very sweet.

7. Jelly Pure (Muskmelon):


Snack Peek:

image1 (4)

These ones are so adorable they are heart shaped melon-flavoured gummies with a melon juice inside.  They are sour but yummy!

8. Ramune Yasal Juice:

FullSizeRender (49)

Snack Peek:

FullSizeRender (47)

These are tiny little candies, with smiley faces on them. They are very tasty and juicy!

9. Tortilla Chips Avocado:


Snack Peek:

FullSizeRender (50)

I’ve already tried these before and they are hella good!! They are basically like Doritos but with a creamy avocado flavour.

10. Choco Kinako Mochi:


This is a diy kit and I couldn’t make it because it had alcohol in it. Even if I were able to make it I would miserably fail because God knows how bad I suck at diy’s.

11. Sasya (Matcha):


Snack Peek:

image4 (1)

These small chocolate bars are green tea-flavoured. I couldn’t taste the green tea but it definitely has a strong dark chocolate taste.

12. Vegips (Sweet Potato, Carrot and Great Burdock Flavor):


Snack Peek:

FullSizeRender (44)

These are veggie chips made with actual vegetables. They are very crunchy and I find them a little juicy too. Not bad at all!

13. Tsubumi Aloe (Grape):


Here we have a grape-flavoured beverage, it tastes like grape jelly, it was very good & refreshing!

Products Description:


This is the product card with photos of each item as well as a description and ingredients.

Thoughts: This is my first time trying WowBox, i really enjoyed all the Snacks and had so much fun trying them out, if you’re interested to try out their treats i have a coupon code for you to use for 10% off your fix monthly box: “S-Q22HM1PM”.

Don’t forget to check out WowBox on their social medias as well. 🙂 x


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